Recording music has always been a hectic process, but, technological advancement has allowed us to get our hands on software that is extremely advance and easy to use.

Let's take a look at the DAWs you can easily and comfortably use for any genre.


Steinberg has been one of the biggest pioneers in musical software and hardware evolution. Over the years Cubase has transformed into a very user-friendly DAW that gives you exactly what you need to make music. The current version covers beginners to professional music producers. The simplicity of its user interface has become a staple and the identity of Cubase. It has come a long way since it was first released and has advanced features like VariAudio, MIDI Remote integration, and much more in just a few clicks.

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Logic Pro

A commonly used DAW hand-crafted by Emagic later acquired and developed by Apple. It provides the ability to create music quickly and easily. The whole idea behind this DAW is to provide the best performance of music production through seamless coordination with Apple's hardware. Compatible only with macOS, this powerful tool won't need any complex setup. It comes with a massive collection of sounds, and features that are professionally used by some of your favorite artists.

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Pro Tools

This one is everything the professionals use to produce grammy-winning music, but, it comes with a slightly more complex toolset. With a wide range of plugin support, it has some unique features like direct integration of Melodyne that allow you to manipulate pitch and time in real-time with ARA 2 integration. It also has cloud collaboration that will enable you to collectively work on a project from anywhere. It has its own style and interfaces with thousands of instrument sounds provided through inbuilt VST instruments like GrooveCell, SynthCell, Boom, Mini Grand, and more.

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Abelton Live

Another popular DAW specifically holds the ability to blend its design well enough to match your workflow. Focused on features like comping that allows you to be better at recording and editing multiple takes through microphone or MIDI. It also focuses on a feature that allows you to link multiple tracks to enable you to work on their content simultaneously. It makes workflow fast and efficient while providing traditional tools that every DAW should have. It has a better interface and integration with your MPE-capable controller to control bends, slides, and pressure on your MIDI audio. All this in real time! Other native plugins provide features like hybrid reverbs, spectral resonators, spectral time, and more.

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FL Studio

Previously known as FruityLoops, this DAW will give you lifetime free updates, basically making it more affordable. Image-Line Software has successfully made this genius tool with a huge array of native instruments and effects. It has so much stuff integrated into it that you will always end up exploring something new. Straight forward workflow keeps the balance between functionality and productivity. The interface is so easy to use that anyone can get on and start making music.

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